Photo Gallery

The Eric Marsh Foundation has travelled around the country. This gallery is comprised of the photographs we have collected of our journeys. Gratitude beyond measure. 
Mark Twain National Forest firefighter, Jake Hauser at the alligator juniper tree the Granite Mountain Hotshots saved in 2013 on the Doce Fire. Please be respectful of this sacred place. Do not climb on the tree or carve your initials into it. Photograph by Amanda Marsh, 2018.
Helicopter pilot, Cainon Zugel in our Granite Mountain 19 Shirt on the Ferguson Fire, 2018. Photograph by Tiny.
The evening before Braden Varney's funeral, the Will Family, Ashley Iverson, myself, and several family and CALFIRE family, gathered at the Varney home. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Braden's widow, Jessica is full of faith and hope and her optimism has informed my own path.  2018.
After Braden's funeral, my head was a mess. I went with Jeff Rush to fire camp on the Ferguson Fire and found my friend, Danny Breuklander and his crew, the Texas Canyon Hotshots.  2018.
9/11 Memorial at a CALFIRE station in Paradise, Ca. Camp Fire 2018. Photograph by Amanda Marsh.
As the Camp Fire was unfolding, I sat on my living room floor and watched helplessly. I felt so completely wrecked for all the people who had lost their homes, their animals, and their lives. Three weeks after the fire was fully contained, myself and Amy Gardner went to Chico and Paradise, our vehicle stuffed with clothing, our hands full of gift cards, and our hearts full of love and compassion.  We cried, we hugged, we made new friends, and we felt such deep empathy for the lives of these folks. For their situations. It was a turning point for me, and an experience I really can't talk about yet. It still makes me cry.