The Granite Mountain Hotshots Cemetery Memorial

In 2018, the Eric Marsh Foundation was bestowed the honor of stewardship of the Granite Mountain Hotshots grave sites and memorial at the Pioneer's Home Cemetery in Prescott, Arizona.  We are deeply honored to care for our fallen in this way.  We are working with family members of our 19 fallen to continue to honor the legacy of the Granite Mountain Hotshots.  To us it is personal.  Caring for Eric's grave site is something Amanda will cherish every day of her life.  This a deeply collaborative effort and shines the light on the family aspect of this tragedy and the fire service.    

The Pioneer's Home Cemetery is located at:

1300 Iron Springs Rd Prescott, AZ 


*All holiday or celebratory decorations must be approved by the Eric Marsh Foundation Board of Directors, to comply with cemetery guidelines.  Please send an email to  All unauthorized installations will be removed without notice.   

 More photos of the site to come.